Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Comics Day

The gods on high have decided to throw every possible thing they can think of a) directly at me, and b) at the same damn time. Still I made way to the comics shop.

Green Lantern

Damn that Ivan Reis can draw. It's strange, but his work on Green Lantern really reminds me of Neal Adams, maybe in terms of detail and volume. Reis has also been fortunate to have been paired with some good inkers. But what I think is most in his favor is that the story is jam packed, and this is a very welcome change from the dearth of over-expanded non-story books of recent years. Pages are several panels above average, and even splash pages are just edge to edge with art. The thing that makes it good is Reis actually does the work, he draws it all in. A lesser artist (or perhaps one pressed for time) would have gotten away with more vacant art. BTW, that is totally not the cover that is on the shelves-- don't know if it's a variant but all the ones I saw feature Parallax on a decidedly green cover.

The end is near! And I'm not just talking about the fate of the Green Lantern Corps. With just one comic in my hand after browsing the shelves it's clear to me that the weekly stack of comics days are over. It's still fun to go to the store as a break in the week, and there are still things to look forward to. Currently I've got high expectations for Adam Warren's next installment of Empowered. Also coming up quick is the new Scott Pilgrim!

New Comics Day as a post may change as a result. After I grab my Sword of Dealing (+1 Leave Me the Fuck Alone) to do battle with aforementioned gods, I think I can put up some cooler posts spotlighting artists and whotnot.

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