Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Los Angeles: Land of 1000 Broken Hearts

Local celeb suspected to leave LA scene

STUDIO CITY, California (AP) -- The gallavanting raconteur known the world over as Super Edco may be leaving his Hollywood home, sources say.

Often the spotlight at exclusive night-life venues and eagerly sought after for Hollywood power meetings, less of Edco has been seen of late after a recent public outburst at House of Blues Sunset where he was last heard exclaiming, "I am so fucking sick of this town."

Details of the rumored leave are spotty, but many point to ongoing, closed-door arguments with CBS chairman Les Moonves over the direction of the network's "The Ghost Whisperer" television series. While studios such as Warner, Paramount, and Sony have openly sought out Edco's creative advice, Edco and Moonves were known to butt heads over the prime-time drama. A rep for Moonves released this statement, "Edco is a visionary force the world may never truly appreciate, clearly there is no place for him in Hollywood."

Jennifer Love Hewitt could not be reached for comment.

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