Friday, August 03, 2007

Every Megaman Game Ever!

Check out Capcom's awesome video retrospective of 20 Years of Megaman games:

Rockman 20th Anniversary

Megaman (aka "Rockman" per Nihon) is one of the best games series ever. I do love the classics but I have to admit I was a total nut for the Megaman X series, even tho purists tend to scoff at them. That's where I thought it just amped up everything that made megaman great. Also amazing as well as a total surprise at the time was Megaman's foray into 3D with Megaman Legends. That game is freaking awesome and probably one of my top ten. I wish they'd re-release or revamp it for the next gen systems. It and it's sequel broke new ground in bringing the franchise to 3D but were so Megaman at heart that I liken them to what was done with Mario 64 and Metroid Prime.

Watching that video... lotta good gaming memories there.

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