Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Off the grid

There seem to be a lot of boxes in my apartment. I probably should do something about that.

Stay tuned, true believers, Super Edco will return!

New Chevron Day

Today my corner Chevron got the new sign. I was gonna write this whole big thing on it but it turns out some people already did:

You can follow oskarlin's post to the thread at typeophile.

I didn't even know it was supposed to be a "ribbon." Lame. I guess the classic logo was too universal and perfect. WTF Chevron, Pantone not good enough for you anymore??? But hey, at least we know where all our money is going.

New Comic Day

I made the wednesday trip down to House of Secrets, based on the assumption that I "may not be back for a while." If you're in the Burbank area, I highly recommend a visit.

The Last Fantastic Four Story

Only one comic to get, the rest were crap. Or on their speedy way to a trade. The Last FF Story is written by Stan Lee, and it shows. In a good way, I dig it, there is a certain charm (along with a time and a place) for expository information alongside the illustration. No one quite pulls it off like Stan. The book is drawn by Romita Jr., whom, if push came to shove, I would happily accept as the artist on not just any book but every book. Dude draws like a motherfucker.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Atomic batteries to power- Turbines to speed!

Friday eve I went to Bob's Big Boy, on the assumption that I "may not be back for a while." I really needed me a Hot Turkey Sammich.

The Friday Classic Car Lot is a regular event, but imagine my delight when this particular night had the freakin' Batmobile! The Batmobile itself was made by Barris Kustom Auto, which is actually a mile or so down the same street, I'm suprised I don't see it all the time.

Also making a rare appearance was Batman himself, but it wasn't Adam West. OR WAS IT???????

See more shiney cars HERE.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Buyer Beware: DC Comics Cover Girls

I saw this book at the shop, a couple months ago maybe. I was reminded of it now as it was featured on the cover of the latest Bud Plant catalog update.

I thought it was a great idea and by concept alone should have been a nice package. Before purchase I asked to crack open the shrink wrap and take a look inside. Good thing, too, because this apple had worms. Bottom line: DON'T BUY IT.

It should have been titled "Bad Scans of DC Comics Cover Girls." The paper stock is nice and heavy, but the reproductions are horrible. There is such wonderful art to showcase here, but the majority are covered in bad moret patterns or just poor color reproductions. As the book moves towards current book covers and art, I was horrified to see the same bad reproductions, considering the source material could have been aquired in its original digital format! Also disappointing are direct cover scans-- including quite recent Adam Hughes and Jim Lee-- with all the cover logo, type, DC Bullet, and freaking UPC code in place. Shame!!!!!! Shame on you, Universe Publishing!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Los Angeles: Land of 1000 Broken Hearts

Local celeb suspected to leave LA scene

STUDIO CITY, California (AP) -- The gallavanting raconteur known the world over as Super Edco may be leaving his Hollywood home, sources say.

Often the spotlight at exclusive night-life venues and eagerly sought after for Hollywood power meetings, less of Edco has been seen of late after a recent public outburst at House of Blues Sunset where he was last heard exclaiming, "I am so fucking sick of this town."

Details of the rumored leave are spotty, but many point to ongoing, closed-door arguments with CBS chairman Les Moonves over the direction of the network's "The Ghost Whisperer" television series. While studios such as Warner, Paramount, and Sony have openly sought out Edco's creative advice, Edco and Moonves were known to butt heads over the prime-time drama. A rep for Moonves released this statement, "Edco is a visionary force the world may never truly appreciate, clearly there is no place for him in Hollywood."

Jennifer Love Hewitt could not be reached for comment.

No Comics Day

I gots nothin'.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Old Russian Smokes

Check out this great collection of vintage Russian cigarette packs from an era long past. Staunch communist Russia may have been a bleak and cloudy time, but supressed liberites were channeled into a distinct sense of design.

via Dark Roasted Blend

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No Comics Day

Shock!!! Confoundment!!!

I happen to be a bit south of my usual comics stop for New Comics Day. While I did take the time to find my way to the highly recommended Austin Books, there was nary a book on the shelf I felt compelled to pick up. A couple neat trades, but they can wait.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I am shocked and saddened to learn of the death of one of my favorite artists, Mike Wieringo. His work alone was enough for me to pick up a book, be it on Fantastic Four or Tellos or guest stints here and there. If it can be considered fortunate, Wieringo worked almost constantly, so he's left a wonderful library of art to be remembered by.

I've thought much about this particular loss. There is a large disconnect between people like myself who admired Wieringo so much as an artist, and his family who is dealing with the loss of a son, brother, and more. But in my lofty thoughts of the affect artists have on society, I truly believe a talent like Mike Wieringo's has earned him some level of immortality. A small consolation, but one I hope makes it a little easier.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In the Meantime

This is my next computer.

New Comics Day

The gods on high have decided to throw every possible thing they can think of a) directly at me, and b) at the same damn time. Still I made way to the comics shop.

Green Lantern

Damn that Ivan Reis can draw. It's strange, but his work on Green Lantern really reminds me of Neal Adams, maybe in terms of detail and volume. Reis has also been fortunate to have been paired with some good inkers. But what I think is most in his favor is that the story is jam packed, and this is a very welcome change from the dearth of over-expanded non-story books of recent years. Pages are several panels above average, and even splash pages are just edge to edge with art. The thing that makes it good is Reis actually does the work, he draws it all in. A lesser artist (or perhaps one pressed for time) would have gotten away with more vacant art. BTW, that is totally not the cover that is on the shelves-- don't know if it's a variant but all the ones I saw feature Parallax on a decidedly green cover.

The end is near! And I'm not just talking about the fate of the Green Lantern Corps. With just one comic in my hand after browsing the shelves it's clear to me that the weekly stack of comics days are over. It's still fun to go to the store as a break in the week, and there are still things to look forward to. Currently I've got high expectations for Adam Warren's next installment of Empowered. Also coming up quick is the new Scott Pilgrim!

New Comics Day as a post may change as a result. After I grab my Sword of Dealing (+1 Leave Me the Fuck Alone) to do battle with aforementioned gods, I think I can put up some cooler posts spotlighting artists and whotnot.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Final Crisis*

*If this post was an episode of [scrubs] :-P

I read most all the news coming out of San Diego. I can't think of anything that's super cool that I can't wait for-- at least as far as comics are concerned. I will admit the Iron Man Teaser was pretty awesome.

But I'm talking about comics. Readers will know I've been pruning down my collection considerably lately. And I'm buying less and less comics. I've fallen into the "wait for the trade" category of buyers, even then only on a few titles. For a long time, comics for me were about the stories as much as the art. It goes back and forth form my collection being story-centric to art-centric. But I found the story-centric stuff just takes up alot more space, and I don't have that much of an attachment to several hundred individual floppies when a few nicely bound trades will substitute nicely. Sure, I read almost every damn issue of JLA because I followed the characters and enjoyed the new art teams. But perhaps only Prometheus and Rock of Ages were worth keeping in the Morrison run, and the Brian Hitch run was pretty but it's no Ultimates. So whatever the mental switch was that made me think I needed to keep this collection flipped, and boom, some other lucky reader now has that whole damn run in a long box of his own.

The bigger picture here is content. Comics from the big two and their storylines simply do not hold the appeal they once did. You may call it some late version of growing up, but personally, I think most of them just suck. Marvel has been pretty crazy the last few years but the only books I ever picked up regular were for art. Nextwave is the only book that stands out to me in recent years. As cool as World War Hulk is, that book is all about Romita Jr. And their other little projects that peak an interest? Trades.

Yes, I'm a sucker for DC continuity but it's borderline tragic what they've done since Identity Crisis. I think it is possible that the river has simply flooded over, and that the longer any one person follows something (series of books, a television show, whatever) there comes a saturation point. I know I've reached that point with DC because I really don't care anymore. They can have a "Final Crisis" and reboot every book in the line (something they should have done years ago), but to me it's like the best excuse ever to stop reading DC altogether. Really, what's going to happen? Lois Lane will not know Clark Kent is Superman? Hal Jordan will have just received the ring? The Guardians are purple instead of blue? They'll pretend big changes are afoot, but it's really all the same stuff all over again.

As an artist it's hard to deny your favorite teams showing up on a book, tho in the face of my current collection I've got just about everyone covered. Sometimes you've got the craving to see new work, but in the decision to see who's working on comics versus, say, discovering new French artists... I've got enough cool drawings of Wonder Woman, thank you. Vive le France!

Does this mean I'm giving up comics? I doubt it. There are still way too many cool things going on in funnybooks, and it will always be a format dear to me. I've longed to re-enter self publishing for some time, and I've even got a graphic novel of my own in the works. So my love of the form isn't going away any time soon. I think I'm just in a transition period, not unlike when I gave up junk food and bachelor meals and learned to cook for myself. I am a much wiser (and healthier) person for it, and perhaps a similar awakening is at hand.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I (heart) Samus

ZOMG Retro-Goggles!

Speaking of great videogame series, the folks at Gametrailers have started a Metroid Retrospective. Part one of five(!) only covers the original and the Gameboy sequel, but we all know it's about next episode and Super Metroid, undoubtedly one of the best games ever made. It will of course eventually cover Metroid Prime, Samus' first run into 3D that blew me away considering my initial level of skepticism. Gametrailers also did a wonderful multi-part retrospective on the Zelda games. Rejoice gamers, this is our history!

also via Destructoid.

Every Megaman Game Ever!

Check out Capcom's awesome video retrospective of 20 Years of Megaman games:

Rockman 20th Anniversary

Megaman (aka "Rockman" per Nihon) is one of the best games series ever. I do love the classics but I have to admit I was a total nut for the Megaman X series, even tho purists tend to scoff at them. That's where I thought it just amped up everything that made megaman great. Also amazing as well as a total surprise at the time was Megaman's foray into 3D with Megaman Legends. That game is freaking awesome and probably one of my top ten. I wish they'd re-release or revamp it for the next gen systems. It and it's sequel broke new ground in bringing the franchise to 3D but were so Megaman at heart that I liken them to what was done with Mario 64 and Metroid Prime.

Watching that video... lotta good gaming memories there.

via Destructoid

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Big Chili Love

Did anyone catch the scene of Chili John's in Burbank on the (most recent) episode of Big Love?

It was pretty funny to see such a Burbank landmark pose for middleburg Utah. There was an instantly recognizable establishing shot outside followed by a scene at the counter inside. Also a really neat overhead shot from inside, and glimpses of the wall mural. In the current episode they return to show the dude from Alien getting shot on the sidewalk out front.

Sadly Chili John's is closed for the summer, but I eagerly await its re-opening come September!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Comics Day

Couple books to throw on the fire like so much s'mores.

World War Hulk

Renato Guedes debut on Supergirl was worth picking up the book. Either this is a fluke and Guedes is simply too good for the character or DC has decided to take something seriously. I'm guessing fluke.

The latest issue of Draw! is a must have for its spotlights on Doug Mahnke and Steve Purcell. Tho honestly it's worth it for Purcell alone, so all you Sam and Max fans should go pick it up!