Friday, July 06, 2007

New Comics Delay

Oh, Comics. What am I going to do with you?

All Star Superman
Fantastic Four Power Pack
Y the Last Man

All Star Superman, damn. Just... damn. Morrison is throwing so much ca-razy shit I keep checking if any pages are stuck together to see if I missed something. This is the best kind of science fiction, the story is surrounded by details that are belligerently not explained at once but are instead filled in or expanded upon ever so slightly down the line. This seems to be the antithesis of decades worth of comic book writing, yet a staple of the best science fiction novelists. Morrison handles the plight of the Bizarro homeworld with such wonderful recklessness and then jumps us back home for straightforward sciency exposition. And this is a Superman book? When Morrison is on, he is motherfucking on.

Marvel has been keeping the limited series format for Power Pack, even though they've got 20+ issues to date. Power Pack is written well and does have that "all-ages" appeal, but for me it's still all about the art. Gurihiru rocks the house, and from an artistic standpoint is drawing circles around better-known artists on higher profile books. Mad props for isometric perspective alone-- do you know how hard that shit is to draw?

Alas there were only three books again for me this week, the start of what I think will be a trend. I'm terribly depressed by the amount of real estate comics take up in my apartment and am running a scythe through my collection. Do I really need to hang onto the entire run of JLA? Must I keep scads of Aquaman books from years past? So much of what I already collect needs to be kept for the art alone, the books I bought for soap-opera-like dedication are probably best handed over so someone else can enjoy them. So if you read this here blog and might be interested in gigantic runs of comics, you might want to get in touch. Quick-like. The complete-and-long-box-suckling Death of Superman saga will not make the cut.

Aside from clearing out space I've been kinda down on buying so many books, more than half of which I just return to the store after reading them. I should note the proliferation of collecting trades is adding to this. I'm downright offended when I see a trade solicited for a limited series that isn't even finished its floppybook run. If the big companies are bound to collect everything (get it? 'bound?' hehe) I'm just going to wait. The new Black Canary looked interesting, but I can wait. Oh the times they are a changin'.

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