Monday, July 23, 2007


As I go through Sophie's Choice Syndome over which books to keep and which books to scrap I've had to look through my collection to make sure some runs are even scrapable. Filling in a few gaps certainly makes the sale more appealing. So now I find myself in the ironic state of buying more comics just so I can sell more comics! At least it was an excuse to head on over to Meltdown and Golden Apple, even if the trip to GA was a waste of time. GA used to have a ton of back issues in their old location, now they have hardly any.

Some runs, like my current listing of JLA, I'm just not going to bother. Others I feel will be worth the effort. It's just that I've had them for so long I'm surprised I had any gaps to begin with. So far I've let go of two full longboxes and a smattering of bundles on e-bay that at least cover shipping. There are a couple eyebrow raisers, I never expected Batman Adventures to spark such a bidding war.

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