Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Comics Day

Not many books catching my eye lately.

Green Lantern Corps
Mighty Avengers

Green Lantern Corps looks better than ususal considering the storyline has Sinestro returning to Korugar and facing reluctant successor Soranik Natu. Sinestro is probaly going to keep wiping the floor with GLs for a while... my theory is that this socalled "Final Crisis" that's been announced will give all current books free reign to do whatever the hell they want as a total reboot looms nigh.

I was really close to passing on Mighty Avengers, but Frank Cho makes me buy books. Storywise I can do without Bendis' little quippy thought bubbles, they have already worn thin and now seem like more of a detraction. The rest of the goings on are well enough, and it is fun watching Ares tear his way through a battalion of mock Iron Men.

Two books this week, fine by me. Just sent out all my e-bay bundles, it's quite liberating and I'm looking forward to selling more books. Financially it's a trade off, some barely cover postage while others come close to or even exceed cover price. But it is good to know the books are going to people who actually want them. As someone who is a bit overwrought by but genuinely loves comics, that counts for alot.

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