Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Comics Day

ONE comic!!! (and some books)

World War Hulk
Flight Vol 4 (!)
The Comics Journal

Flight Vol 4, oh how I can't wait to dive into your comicy goodness. Helluva blog, too.

World War Hulk, man, you got me. As the sole "floppy" I purchased this week it signals my resolve to pear down on comics. And though I know it will be collected, one look at Shulkie throwing punches and it was a done deal. I even passed on Monster Society of Evil #4!

I'm not a regular reader of The Comics Journal, but the feature interview with Roger Langridge was too good to pass up. I adore his work, and "Fin Fang Four" was probably one of the single best comics ever. Throw in another spotlight on Gene Yang and this ish is one nice package!

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