Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Comics Day


Green Lantern

From the deepest fathoms of space, where comics are great, comes an all new Nexus! The best part is I wasn't even expecting this. I had heard inklings of a new Nexus series but I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention. All new goodness to be enjoyed!

Over in mainstream land, Green Lantern makes with the Sinestro. Ivan Reis is back on art and looking fantastic as usual. While pruning some old books, I cam across Reis' earliest work, on Dark Horse's Ghost if you can believe. It was of a decidedly "Image" quality ('twas the style at the time...). His work today is in another galaxy, one of the rare treats of the comic book industry is to watch true talent grow and develop over the years.

Hmm. Two books. I saw some other stuff but gave it a pass. I'd just dropped off two long boxes of comics and kept thinking of all that are still left at home taking up space. There will always be a place for great indies, but as far as mainstream goes I gotta take a hard look at my buying habits. A book like Green Lantern I can stick with because it's... Green Lantern. He's my guy. Other stuff may make for good reading but comics just aren't going to go away like they used to. For the big titles it's a trade world these days. I even saw the latest Elric collected edition, and I swear the last issue never came out!!! You think DC isn't going to collect Monster Society of Evil? You think Marvel isn't going to collect World War Hulk?

While I am baffled that neither Marvel or DC has any sort of plan for online books (not talking Zuda here), it's an inevitability. So I think for floppies I'll be leaning towards the more interesting stuff. Like when Kevin Nowlan shows up on an issue of Batman. Or in the case of Grant Morrison on Superman, when it's so damn good you can't not get it.

Gotta say that Batgirl Showcase looked mighty tempting. Actually there are a few more showcases I'd like to pick up when the time is right.

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