Friday, June 29, 2007

Sinestro Corps!


Holy crap, I haven't been this excited about a DC event since Rann-Thanagar War.

Usually these big-ol-goings-on are plagued with decompression and set-ups where nothing really happens. But in the Sinestro Corp special, all kinds of crazy shit goes down! You need to be somewhat invested in GL lore to run along with things, but they do a pretty good job of filling in some backstory points. But there are a few instances, even single lines of dialogue, that require having read specific issues of the past and present. GL follower that I am it's all gravy, even though I'm a little light on my Ion happenings, and Kyle Rayner plays a big part.

There is the stuff one would expect, like Sinestro's grand return, cryptic Guardian councils, and a littering of dead GL's as a result of the Sinestro army attack (they sure have made GL's easy to kill these days). Then the whoop-ass can busts open with honest-to-goodness universe affecting events:

Kyle Rayner is captured by Sinestro who sucks out his Ion powers and replaces it with... Parallax??!!! Kyle Rayner becomes the new Parallax!!??

The new Sinestro Corps busts out all of the Oan prisoners (a classic plot device), which turns out to be a pretty big deal since you may recall their most nefarious captive was Superboy Prime!

Superboy Prime and the freakin' Anti-Monitor join the Sinestro Corps!!!!

Gotta be honest with you folks, did not see that last one coming. I thought they were going to hold off an any Superboy Prime stuff for a while. The book is extra thick and has alot of insanely detailed fights as drawn by Ethan Van Sciver, and Johhs introspective narrative fluff is kept to a minium. There is also a really good back-up story featuring Sinestro and Hal Jordan's initial meeting that gives some insight to the beginnings of Emerald Dawn (I really oughtta go back and read those again).

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