Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Comics Day

Some delay in posting, what with Apple's WWDC Keynote and the season premiere of Rescue Me, but I did get a good stack of books this week-- including a finale to outshine The Sopranos!

Green Lantern Corps
New X-Men
World War Hulk
Avengers Classic

More Marvel than usual for me, but man you gotta love Skottie Young on X-Men. And the Avengers Classic special is a great book with some classic reprints (Hulk in clown makeup? Awesome.), new Oeming art, new Maguire art, and that bitchin' Art Adams cover!

Planet Hulk, dude it just looks cool. I wanted to wait for the trade, maybe I still will, but all those pages of Romita Jr were too hard to pass up.

Of course the big buy this week was Strangers in Paradise, the LAST issue. What an amazing run, one of the most consistently good comics ever from front to back. I gotta take some time with it to let it all soak in, but I'll probably be back to post my thoughts and celebration of the series.

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