Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Comics Day

Kind of a letdown this week.

Danger Girl
Sock Monkey

Midnighter is/was WildStorm's best book, and that's not saying much. Here with a guest writer and another guest artist the book falls into the danger zone of being a lackluster comic of some mean guy who wears black. Midnighter is already a knock off of another character or two, so he needs a pretty defined vision and consistency to support his own book. It's decisions like these (with no disrespect to the creators, they are just doing their job) where editorial fails to reign the leash that is so necessary for a publisher like WS and a book like Midnighter. I mean it's only issue 8 and we have another single-shot team and a story that could have been applied to any dozen other heroes, even those within the WS universe. Last issue was of course the Vaughn/Robisnson combo. Issue 9 is another team, Gray + Palmiotti with art by -gasp!- Brian Stelfreeze (that, sir, is a fill in). But wait-- issue 10 is another team, Keith Giffen and Chris Sprouse. It's great to see Sprouse back, but what has the book turned into? Anyone's take on a Batman story that DC won't actually publish in a Batman book? Will a string of writers be dusting off their old Wolverine one-shots for a little chop-and-swap? I give Giffen much more credit than what I'm about to suggest, but if his issue works just as well with Lobo in place of Midnighter, my point will be made.

Danger Girl seems to be faring a bit better, Artist Nick Bradshaw does his best to channel J. Scott Campbell channelling Art Adams. The book looks very nice, the production value is pretty high save for WS's typical bootleg packaging and complete lack of design sense. Hartnel's story is usual Danger Girl fare, tho I think the ceiling here is pretty low. Basically the art is the draw and I wish there was more to it than that. DG as a brand bleeds potential like a patient in the hands of a drunk surgeon.

At least there was Sock Monkey.

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