Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jason Todd: Train Wreck

Over at CBR, there's an article spotlighting the history of Jason Todd. Pre (Infinite) Crisis, good stuff. Post Crisis... Holy crap, what a mess. What were they thinking? You can tell just by reading timeline to timeline where it goes from compelling to just dissapointing.

I commented a while ago when the new Jason Todd stuff was starting how I thought it was a bit silly but may be cool in regards to a specific multiverse angle. It seemed to skew that way at first but hen goes arwry and becomes trapped under its own weight. But hey, maybe some people liked it. I'd be happy to hear the other side.

CBR has been doing these character histories lately, I really dug the one on Sinestro, couldn't have done better myself. I hope they keep doing them. Regardless of how crappy the re-introduction of Jason Todd was, I sure liked reading about it and catching up. Saved me alot of time from reading bad comics. I think the main writers involved here were Judd Winick and Jeph Loeb, and I'm sure DC editorial got their grubby hands involved. I don't worry about being harsh, there will be more than enough opportunity to trash the comics I write in a future yet to come.

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