Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Supporting my Love

It's been running for a while already and it can run for eternity as far as I'm concerned. In the best matching of celebrity product endorsement since Fred Flintstone and Winston cigarettes, the loveliest of lovelies JLH hocks the Hanes Comfort Bra in arguably her best role to date: a woman befrazzled by uncomfortable undergarments!

I love this commercial, she's so damn sexy it just comes off as cute. Why can't the Ghost Whisperer be this good?

Um, well, I could launch into a lengthy post of how the underlying concept of Ghost Whisperer is in fact a bottomless well for good storytelling but is continually truncated down to insipid touchy-feely lost-soul-of-the-week Hallmark Channel drivel to the point of being unwatchable, but eh, you know. Given the choice between broad appeal mediocrity and bra commercial, I choose bra commercial.

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