Saturday, June 23, 2007

Battle Damaged

I love Clone Troopers. They are freakin' cool looking! I like all Stormtrooper variants, but I like EpIII versions the best because thay are the best blending of the nouveau clone design and the original trilogy trooper design.

But they are impossible to find, and that causes me much frustration. I have only once seen a clone trooper figure "on the shelf," and I always take a look when I'm in Target or if I stop by Toys R Us. What is up with that?? So what I end up doing is caving in and getting one at a convention, or usually ordering a couple from an on-line retailer for jacked up prices. That sucks, because suddenly an $8 figure is $15 plus shipping. And some of the coolest designs are jacked up even higher to $24-35, since they only come one per case. I have yet to bring myself to pay such an inflated price, but man I needs me a Commander Cody. It is not out of the question to consider this is on purpose, specifically to support the secondary market. Ship a goddammed case of Clone Troopers already and give a guy a break. They are clones after all, there should be, you know, alot.

Anyhwoooooo... some of the troopers come off of the clone assembly line all white and shiny. That's fine for a Death Star Stormtrooper, but Clone Troopers are coolest with a little rough-and-tumble. Luckily with some basic black and white acrylic paint and the simplest of drybrush techniques, a field-worn look is only a few minutes away.

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