Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vader: still prefers twin ion engine to minivan

Star writes up The Vader Project, a display of crafty Vader helmets currently on display at Star Wars Celebration, this weekend in LA. Taking a cue from Kid Robot's Munny, the Vader Project appears to have an impressive list of artists attached including Shag, The Pizz, Kozik, and Mitch O'Connell. Plenty of links to artists sites in the article... (hit the myspace link for more helmet pics)

This week of course is the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, which is great and all, though I never thought "30" had any numerical significance other than being between 20 and 50. It's marketing to be sure, not unlike Disneyland's need to celebrate "anniversaries" every 5 years. That and just a reminder that 30 years have passed since I walked into that theater to have what in all honesty was a life-altering theatric experience. So, yay.

As a cherry on the ice cream sundae that is this week's hoo-ha, in what may be the most stunning display of fan appreciation ever, Attack of the Show's lovely Olivia Munn is appearing at Celebration in full Sail Barge Consort getup. Miss Munn, YOU ARE AWESOME. Knowing what you were getting into-- and I'm not just talking about the gold bikini-- I'm not sure whether to give mad props or just... oogle. Talk about Munny! :-O (via Egotastic)

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