Friday, May 18, 2007


Another book by Brian Wood, this time with awesome art by Kristian.

In an unspecific, semi-near future that could just as easily be now, commerce rules everything. It is in this setting that a teenaged girl, Pella, violently has her life turned inside out as she discovers her quaint suburban world was all a cover for her parents' past notorious deeds. Forced on the run and caught between rival gangs out to get her, the mostly chase-based tale is high on action and intrigue.

Wood tells a solid adventure, and there is a definite attraction to Pella's situation, as well as her friends and enemies. But for me the real clincher here is the art by Kristian Donaldson. It is just so damn slick and yet has a wonderful edge to it. Crisp lines are mixed with drybrush and halftone patterns, but never erroneously. And the colors - oh man the colors! It's an incredible mix of neon and mutes, lots of smart overprint (or at least a damn good imitation), and a keen use of "shifted plate" effects throughout. Be sure and hit up Kristian's web site linked above for some Supermarket samples as well as the rest of his stunning gallery!

The book was originally a comic miniseries but I recommend the trade as it reads great as a collected story. It's published by IDW, and their packaging is nicely done. IDW has Supermarket at their site, and it's also available on Amazon.

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