Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Comics Delay

A small stack of great comics, each "tentacle free!"

Action Comics
Green Lantern
Amazons Attack
Shaolin Cowboy*
The Black Coat

*features tentacles

Superman books like Action Comics #850 are the kind I like to get because they show the value of a fat book packed with varied stories and muy bueno artwork, something rarely sustained in the myriad of monthly Superman titles. Also this particular ish features the debut of artist Renato Guedes along with his beautiful take on Supergirl. So beautiful, it would seem, that he's signed on to the regular Supergirl title in the coming months. DC looks to have listened to reason (and fans) by re-vamping the Supergirl book, taking steps away from its recently poor bimbo-inspired visuals. There is an article at Newsarama with new writer Tony Bedard, and it features lots of preliminary work by Guedes. Click away because I'm telling you, that guy can hella draw.

Shaolin Cowboy, whose issues come once every dawn's cry of a newborn unicorn, are worth every second of waiting. Darrow's lofty artistic weight continues to amaze and astound.

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