Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Comics Delay

I drove several hundred miles for these comics. But what is missed in quantity is made up in quality.

Mighty Avengers
Ultimates 2

Always happy to see new Cho pages, tho the long-awaited finale of The Ultimates 2 is the eager read this week. Almost more so is the upcoming (eventually) hardcover collection. The big fat Marvel hardcovers look great on a shelf, I must say.

Indeed I passed on Countdown, the first issue didn't do anything for me and browsing the second didn't create an immediate need to purchase it.

UPDATE: It appears what Brian Hitch just can't do in two pages, he does in eight. Ultimates 2 #13 contains an impressive eight page gatefold of endless hell-spawned hordes facing off against the entirety of the Asgardian Viking Army. Oh and, you know, the Avengers. As an artist the mind boggles at where to even begin on such a composition, let alone coloring the damn thing. I wonder how it will be collected-- it would be just as impressive if it were single pages, which would probably work out better for the bound format, I think a gatefold would be a little awkward there. But anyways, wow.

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