Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost Q's

If you're not caught up on Lost, -SPOILERS- may be waiting for you.

This season started slow, and I was losing interest. The first half of the season went at a snail's pace, barely progressing the core story at all. But upon the return from hiatus, the second half of the season really kicked into high gear and I thought were some of the best episodes yet. While alot of nagging questions were answered, even more aggravating ones appeared!

What happened to all the children kidnapped on the first night of the crash? They do not appear to live, work, or play with the Others. But Ben says they are "fine."

Walt and his father Michael left the island by boat. Or did they?

The Others presumably pre-date the Dharma team on the island, though its never clarified. They may be an offshoot of the Dharma team.

There was a time when particular Others clearly had access to travel to and from the island. On the island, they also have access to news and information. Clearly some of them wish to leave for good, but Ben's rule is law. Why?

Women who become pregnant on the island end up dying, and spooky experiments on Claire make her the exception. Is this really the mystery the Others are trying to solve?

BUT Ben and Rousseau's daughter, Alex, alive and well! No proof that Ben is the biological father, either.

When was Locke's father brought to the island, and how long had he been there? He is revealed after Locke blows up the submarine after all.

Kelvin, the original hatch inhabitant, is that all figured out?

Has Dr. Richard Alpert not aged in 16 years or is he just really good looking?

Big black cloud that can't pass through a sound barrier? WTF??

Jacob? WTF??????

Who are the dudes in the arctic tracking the island signal, and who do they work for? Penelope only or someone else?

Does Penelope have anything to do with Naomi's ship? Presumably no, but... whose story has yet to not be a pack of lies?

Last night's season finale was great! From the beginning I was curious as to the timeline of Jack's featured "flashback," there are references that could easily have placed it before the crash. But now we all know that is not the case, and even more mindbenders are presented:

Who died and had the lonely funeral? It could have been anyone, tho Kate balks at having to attend. This could have referred to Juliette, Locke (not keeping any friends on the island at the time), maybe even Ben. Or even someone who turns to play an upcoming key role. It really could have been anybody should Kate have decided to distance herself from anything island related.

Who is Kate living with?? "He'll wonder where I am..."

Jack has sunk so low into depression that he tries to use his dead father's prescription for drugs. But what drugs were he on exactly? He was also drinking heavily, which as a doctor he surely knew was a lethal cocktail. And you know, the suicide attempt. Holy crap, what happened?

Jack is recognized as a hero from the car crash, but not as a survivor of Flight 815. Presumably the return of crash survivors would have brought some notoriety... unless it was kept quiet. Was Naomi lying when she said the victims of the crash were presumed dead? Is there another cover up?

Is the whole return sequence a Desmond-type "vision?" Will the premier next season reveal this, or will we jump back and forth between the last days of the island and the return? Will it all focus on the return? Will they pull a Bobby Ewing and reveal the entire season was Jack's hallucination before using the radio?

We're at least two years away from knowing the answers to everything, but can it even live up to expectations? Lost is cool, but it's not that cool. They could easily go the route of explaining things scientifically with a hint of the supernatural, centering on the fact that Ben is probably insane. Or they could go the complete opposite and ask that we belive the island is a sentient extension of the Earth who's been trying to find ways to communicate with humans. At this stage, how can I not want to find that out? Those bastards got me for the long haul. I just want to know the size of their cohones. Imagine, if you will, that last night's episode was the last. That's balls.

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