Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Brick Testament

Combining two of my favorite things– Lego and mythology– The Brick Testament doles out a heaping helping of Bible lore with a keen eye for visual storytelling by way of plastic, yellow men.

The Old Testament is a hoot, one of my fave sections is The Book of Joshua with The Massacre at Jericho. Tho the whole of the site is fascinating. No mere gimmick, the creator of the site has clearly put a huge amount of effort into the set-pieces and quotes the Bible verbatum, graphically displaying the sex and violence infused into the some of the world's oldest parables to cleverly juxtapose the medium. Is it tounge-in-cheek ridicule? Is it legitimate evangelism? You may judge for yourself, keeping in mind that ye, too, shall be judged!

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