Wednesday, April 25, 2007


In an effort to retain sanity in these trying and troubled times, I made way to get myself a copy of the newest Ninty offering: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl DS!!!! I picked myself a Diamond copy, in that only I found blue was for boys and pink was for girls. I have not confirmed it yet, but apparently outside of the titular Legendary Pokémon, there are no cart-specific pokémon this time around?

My toughest choice now will be which starter pokémon to choose. I have never begun a pokémon adventure with a grass type, tho the evolved giant turtle forms of Turtwig make a strong case. Penguins are cute, and the final form of water-based Piplup is downright royal, but I'm not really getting a watery feel for this excursion. That leaves the monkey-based and firey Chimchar who I must admit evolves into one of the most fucking bad ass pokemon designs to date: Infernape. And, well, you can never go wrong with a monkey.

Puts me in for a hard run as classic pokémon strategy dictates starting with grass/water/fire translates into easy/medium/hard. Not a big deal, I've reached lofty heights in previous versions with my most beloved Charizard, grilled-chicken brethren Blaziken, and faithful Arcanine. I am an official Pokémon Master so it's almost a duty to choose a challenging path.

I Looooooove my DS, and even though I know at heart this new game will follow a stringently defined route of gameplay, I can't wait to see all the new DS-isms applied to it.

The Pokémon milieu is as close as you'll get to a perfect game. I've pondered many a thought of blogging on that very subject, and it always expresses into some monsterous dissertation that frightens me away from the keyboard. Indeed, as anyone who has fallen into the trap of conversing with me about pokémon et. al can tell you, I can expound on the subject in great length and greater detail. In an official capacity I have lectured pokémon schematics to audiences at large game developers and publishers whom --to my continued astoundment-- refuse to acknowledge and apply the underlying principles and instead resign themselves to sit googly-eyed before monthly sales charts.

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