Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No Argument Here

Dare I ask my readers if they have heard the latest single from Avril Lavigne? "Girlfriend" is such a mind-searingly perfect production of pop sucrose I shiver at the thought of those responsible walking the same earth as I. In its ziggurat-crafted faux-punk delivery fronted by rokr grrl Lavigne, the song bears heady teeth dripping with meme-ready licks and please-god-don't-make-me clap-along beatz not heard since the days Mickey was so very, very fine.

The song itself speaks directly to its intended audience I'm sure, tho is not bereft of broader scope. On one side an earth-boring drill into the female mind that exposes the desire for forbidden fruit, simmering vindictiveness, and the dawn of realization that comes with the discovery of sexual manipulation. For the male listener, perhaps thoughts harken back to more naive times recalling constant hormone-fueled longing wherein the song's lyrics simply beg the question "Where was that girl?" If she exists at all, it's merely in the form of heavy eyeshadow and electric guitar.

User comments over on iTunes berate Lavigne for selling out with this latest single. WTF? What did she sell out from? "Sk8er Boi?" Come on folks, Lavigne gets a modicum of rock cred for co-writing her songs, but she's packaged better than Japanese chocolate.

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