Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Comics Day

Comics pretty much saved this day from being a crap writeoff.

Nightwing Annual
The Spirit
Mighty Avengers
Sock Monkey

RE: the Nightwing Annual. I'm a total sucker for Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon "I totally had a crush on you when we both dressed in leather" tales of years past. Even when much younger, I was always fascinated with the relationships that were formed on the sidelines of the superhero action. Whom Peter Parker was dating, a spark between one X-Men member and another, the aformentioned Grayson lad's long string of relationships (must've been a DC edict for him to date, considering how much time as a young man he spent with 'ol Bats). It's still a draw for me and in alot of areas woefully ignored, which I sort of understand and sort of don't. I've often compared my "need" for weekly comics to that of others addiction to soaps and evening dramas. Seeing as how the relative age of readers leans more towards older than younger, I'd think the relationship angle would be more prominent. But it's not like younger readers don't have an interest in such things, seeing how a book like Spider-Man Loves Maty Jane speaks soley to that purpose. Maybe I don't read (or care or know) about the other books it's going on in? Dunno.

RE: Mighty Avengers. It would appear that Ultron has evolved into a liquid-y and stark naked female form, under the willing pen of Frank Cho. Who could have seen that coming?

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