Thursday, March 29, 2007

Star Wars Stamps

Now we're talking. We're talking stamps!

Because word was out that "I like comics," random friends and relatives inundated me with sheets of the recent comic stamps. As a favor, I ask that people stop buying me Marvel and DC comic book stamps because they suck. They are horrible looking and I can't use them fast enough. Sure, there is one cool Green Lantern stamp and one cool Aquaman stamp, but the rest are just cheesy. No class. I can't believe that with all the insanely expensive cover art DC and Marvel has been commissioning over the last few years they didn't commission original art for a nice set of stamps!

Stamps are cool. I've always liked them. More often than not, stamps are miniature works of art. Usually lavishly illustrated, and more recently there have ben some cool photo montages and digital works ups. That's why the DC stamps in particular were such a disappointment, just a collection of reprint art and covers, and not even good ones. Marvel, well, who the hell cares, they put their brand on anything.

Now the post office has announced a set of Star Wars stamps, and they are gorgeous! It's a Struzan-esque montage of all the good bits, and every one is great! The USPS wants you to vote for the favorite... and that will be issued as a single stamp, as a sheet I assume. While it would be cool to have the list topped by Darth Maul or Storm Troopers, I cast my vote for Luke Skywalker-- it's a very iconic shot, a great design, and represents the Star Wars universe best. However if I were to guess the actual winner, it's likely Yoda or Darth Vader will prevail. There is a USPS Star Wars site for voting, and shows some cool pre-paid envelopes, too.

You wanna buy me stamps? Buy me these!!

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