Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Comics Day

Deadlines loom! Phones ring! Danger waits at every turn! Still I fight my way through the day in order to get my comics, and am rewarded with an extra phat stack of books!

New Universal
Mighty Avengers
Iron Man: Hypervelocity
The Authority
Strangers in Paradise

Mighty Avengers! Page after page of Frank Cho! I'm sure there will be alot of Civil War hoopla to wade through but by looks alone it will be worth it.

The Authority #2? Where did that come from? And it looks like this issue actually has the Authority appear in it.

Oh, and that thing with Captain America.

What the headlines said:
Captain America Killed!

What actually happened:
Steve Rogers was shot.

There is a huge difference between those two statements. Granted he was tagged by a sniper and subsequently gutshot three times by a mind-controlled Sharon Carter, but the reporting on the event is more of a commentary than the event itself.

Of Marvel characters that could bite it, Rogers is not a bad choice... fictionally speaking. The character's roots remain in World War II, though his resurrection and "man out of time" stemming from the 1960's has been stretched about as far as it can in current continuity. As proven by The Ultimates, that still works, but only when continuity has been started fresh. In the "regular" Marvel U the more time that goes by the more we are asked to strain our suspension of disbelief.

In fact the key issue here is the (possible) death of Steve Rogers. He will be missed, but Captain America is not a man, it is a mantle. Many may disagree with this, and I know many fans and veteran artists who associate certain heroes undeniably with civilian identities. However from a character standpoint-- or, in Marvel's case, a license standpoint-- You can put someone else under that mask and make it stick. It's been done before. Alot. This adds creative possibilities that were previously unavailable, altho the money is on Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, donning the old red white and blue scale mail duds.

The largest misconception about a major character's death is that it means stories will stop being told. Marvel is perfectly capable of telling more stories of Steve Rogers as Captain America in any time period. For them to do so has yet to be seen, as is a probable, predictable, last minute pull through for Mr. Rogers.

Update: Marvel's own site pimps the upcoming "Fallen Son: Death of Captain America" miniseries with some pretty strong wording on the finality of Roger's "situation." There is a mighty fine line-up of artists involved, altho noting it as being written by Jeph Loeb leaves me less than enthusiastic.

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