Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Y It Works

Y the Last Man is such a good comic! Even when they stray off the path it delivers with a quality and consistency rarely found in comics narrative.

The latest issue, #54, has a comic-within-a-comic segment that shoots for that time's past comics look-- and succeeds! The secret is all in the coloring, as I've spoken way to much about before. In the "old comics" this issue was trying to emulate, the color palette was limited to 25% increments of the four printing press inks. Colorist Zylonol (individual? Studio?) at least knew that much by picking from that specific palette while at the same time emulating the style of the time. Some clever "offset plate" effects were even in play. A halftone screen was applied as well, though a fine morie shows through-- there are lots of geeky print things that could be in play here that I shan't bore you with. But overall, great job. Bravo, gents!

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