Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ryan Vs. Dorkman 2

The quality of "fanfilms" vary greatly, so much so the the word 'quality' takes on a bit of a loose meaning. But the cream rises to the top, and it's almost instantly obvious when independent, dedicated filmmakers "got their shit together."

The first Ryan Vs. Dorkman was pretty damn cool. Two guys with some home-made lightsabers and Adobe After Effects. The sequel, some three years later and six months in the making, may as well have been sanctioned by Lucasfilm because it is that damn good.

I attended the premiere here in LA-- it was just down in Beverly Hills so why the hell not-- where a pretty good crowd showed up for the first time show. The actual film will be released via the interwebs on March 1st, and if you're a fan of such things grab a hold of a download and you'll be glad you did.

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