Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Comics Day

Sorry girls, today all my love goes to comics.

JLA Classified
Green Lantern Corps
Y the Last Man
Sensational Spider-Man

Grant Morrison returns to Batman. With John Van Fleet. Text in prose and art in rendered 3D. Are you kidding me?? Does someone at DC actually have a pair? Cause this shit is balls. Pure balls.

Spider-Man's current "Back in Black" promo is of some interest, tho I passed on the first offering because at first glance it seemed to have no rhyme or reason. This second part, with some funky and comparable art by Angel Medina, looks to shed some light on things.

Gen13, ah... well. I can't buy this book anymore. I notice it's solicited up to number 8, as has the first trade collection (why????), though in my opinion it should have been cancelled by 3, if not seen the light of day at all. I have a high level of disappointment with how WildStorm handled this relaunch. And all of the "WorldStorm" relaunch books, actually. No Wildcats to be seen, no Authority either. Wetworks, eh. And an abysmal Gen13 that betrays everything the book once was, and worse, could have been.

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