Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Comics Day

I do love New Comics Day. Sure, I could in advance check to see what comics have shipped, but I like going and browsing the shelves and seeing what's new on the spot.

Shazam: Monster Society
Action COmics Annual
New Universal
Strangers in Paradise

I had to get the Action Comics Annual specifically for the short by Art Adams. A mere four pages. Damn you Adams!

Shazam looks to be quite a treat, I can't wait to dive into it. All story and art by Jeff Smith, one of the very reasons "comics are good." I had mentioned to the store proprietors how books like these, why wouldn't DC just publish the whole thing at once? Why pay six bucks a pop for a quartet of prestige format issues, when surely the complete story would be presented so much nicer in a complete volume. It's not like it's a random selection of issues from an ongoing book. I would have waited. All were in agreement, in fact the notion sparked several other debates about the "state of the industry," a lively discussion that went on for some time.

It was good. It was good to talk about what comics are doing and where they are going. Not some dumb comic book store conversation cliche about Thor vs. Superman (though they do happen), but a surprisingly serious look on what the future may-- or may not-- hold for our beloved funnybooks. The publishers oft place the onus on retailers, while retailers have equal say on placing responsibility on the publisher. As a reader I find the ultimate responsibility lies with the publisher. They are producing product, they will need to define how/if the market will survive. A retailer can only reach a certain level of competence, sadly in comics this is a rare thing and I've been lucky over the years to align myself with he good ones. When a retailer is "good" there is only so much they can do, while still left to the whims of Diamond, Marvel, and DC.

I know it can be better. Alot of people know that and desperately want it to be. But can it happen? Clutch closely these 4-color booklets to your breast, for tales of their demise are more fact than fiction.

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