Monday, February 12, 2007

Drink and Draw!

Saturday night I made my way into Hollywood to Meltdown Comics for a gallery show/book launch for the cronies of the Drink and Draw Social Club.

They've just released a book-- a wonderfully put together high-class hardcover-- with page after page of totally awesome drawings created while drinking at bars. Founding members and representing the club at the celebration were Dan Panosian, Jeff Johnson, and Dave Johnson. Yeah, those guys. Each were pounding back beers while graciously signing and drawing in books.

The art on display was grande primo, a good hundred-plus pieces all over the walls in Meldown's back gallery area. There were also some pieces by Jim Mahfood (but I don't know if he was actually there). Girlie art, monkeys, skulls, space dudes, conans, and random wackiness presented in an ink-on-cardboard theme. Some even in color and alot with whitewash or wax pencil highlights. Cool stuff!!!!

I got me a book, got it signed, and even picked up one of Panosian's original pieces.

UPDATE: Some pics of the event at Panosian's Blog.

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