Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dan Slott is THE MAN

JLA Classified #34 is a blast and a half. So much crazy shit happens in this ish I almost forgot it was from DC. Continuing the storyline of "The 4th Parallel" we catch up with another of the realities that the Red King is testing out for world domination. Sounds a bit weird, and it is, in a very good way.

The kicker is classic, Red King messes up and proceeds to trigger a doomsday device that will literally destroy the world. Convinced of the inevitable, the JLA then proceed to evacuate the entirety of Earth's population to Mars. Every damn man, woman, child, and animal. And in one of the coolest JLA bits I've seen in ages, Green Lantern makes a "space tube" connecting Earth to Mars, that Aquaman proceeds to bring over all of the ocean's fish!!!!!!!! Other JLAers are terraforming Mars to support life with all the technology they've "aquired" over the years, and Superman even shrinks down a select few of Earth's cities to tkae on the journey. There is a great bit here with Flash and Plastic Man, discussing why their home cities didn't get picked. There is alot of other cool things going on and the book is just packed to the brim.

Huzzah for writer Dan Slott, and his able art team of Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway. This is good comics!!!

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