Friday, January 05, 2007

Slot Card Design

Vegas is all about design for the masses. But the turnaround is so high the evolution of design repeats itself over and over. While print, banner, and poster design is everywhere you look, one area of interest to me has always been the casino floor.

I've watched slots go digital over the years. The majority still have the plexiglass card above the screen and the newest ones are dual screens with all digital art and animation. The styles vary widely, with traditional illustration, vector art, and the latest in digital painting. Some cater to very specific audiences, others try for the broadest appeal possible. Some look expensive, some look cheap, some are lush and realistic, some are cartoony and animated-- and I assure you it's all on purpose.

Check out my gallery of the latest in Slot Cards and judge for yourself.

Comment Challenge! Which is your fave?

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