Sunday, January 28, 2007

No one rants like John K.

You can never say John Kricfalusi doesn't speak his mind. His titanium-like resolve to fight artistic compromise every step of the way may ride dangerously close to costing more than gained, but it is one of the same reasons I respect him so.

Here's a post from this past week where he lays it out on "the executive," bane of all things creative and true. I read this and cringe, and yet, I know it all to be true. Saddening in a lot of ways, but also a spur to one's self to follow through on personal projects where you only need to answer to yourself.

Crackpot Executive Beliefs

John K is the man. Not only am I jealous of his art, but of his ability to blog... alot. The guy is a virtual spigot of art talk, cartoon history, and new work. Check him out regularly at All Kinds of Stuff.

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