Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Comics Day

A few more books in the buy pile to make up for last week.

JLA Classified
JSA Classified
The Goon Noir
Michael Allred's Vault

JLA Classified is goooood... Dan Slot's "The 4th Parallel" storyline seeps with multi-dimension sci-fi without resorting to some silly Crisis. Mentioned previously in this here blog was the unexpected pairing of art team Dan Jurgens and Trevor Scott. It's a good combo and every page is packed to the brim, just like comics used to be all the time.

More Walt Simonson comes with the latest JSA Classified, tho I wonder why the story is in the Classified book. Seems to me it could have just started off Hawkman's return to his own title, currently named Hawkgirl for One Year Later shenanigans. Tho I've read elsewhere Hawkgirl has been cancelled. Does that mean the book or just the title?

It was pretty hard to resist the lush painting of Simone Bianchi on Wolverine, even if it meant suffering through a Jeph Loeb captionfest. Additionally there's an Ed McGuinness backup, which should have been great... but, well there are some problems with this issue I'll need to address separately.

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