Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Comics Day

Cold and rainy outside, warm and toasty inside.

Green Lantern
JLA Classified
Detective Chimp
The Spirit
Y the Last Man
New Universal

JLA Classified, to me, is the proper Justice League title to be reading. The relaunch of Justice League of America I have found to be bland, whiney, over-narrated, and decompressed (to make those nice little trades). This is such a shame because the interior art by Ed Benes and Sandra Hope is great stuff, it just seems like such a waste. Bad enough I have to be subjected to covers by Michael Turner, it's like DC is trying to make me not buy it.

So what does that say about my fondness for JLA Classified? I'm still of the opinion that all these stories (post the Giffen/Maguire and Morrison/McGuiness) were intended for the JLA book propoer but put in a holding pattern for Infinite Crisis. Those aformentioned launch stories were really "out there," which is what I assume and hoped was meant for the title. The folloups were very noticeably back to status quo, which in this case is not such a bad thing. The new arc that's just started is written by Dan Slott, whom I enjoy over on She-Hulk, let's see what he does here. Dan Jurgens is on art, and I've always been a sucker for Dan Jurgens. I love his way with Supes and and the big guys. ALTHO... it's not really Jurgens here, just the layouts. The finishes and what I'm sure is the bulk of the work is handled by Trevor Scott, an old WildStorm alum and top-notch inker. Scott is a great artist outside of inking, and his personal style is way on the other end of what Jurgens does, so it is an interesting mix that has come together. At first glance the pages have the solidarity and weight of Jurgens, but there is a modern-almost-whispy edge to the linework that requires further (and enjoyable) scrutiny.

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