Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Comics Day

Joy! Joy! Joy!
JSA Classified(!)
Green lantern Corps
Iron Man: Hypervelocity (!!!)
Michael Allred Vault (!)

What am I more excited about? Walter Simonson doing Hawkman in JSA Classified? Adam Warren writing Iron Man? The third installment of Michael Allred's Vault? The latest issue of so-bad-but-not-bad-enough-so-it's-good Gen13???

Simonson is a given, tho I'm rightly curious to whatever happened to his latest Elric series. Where in the world did this Hawkman stint come from? You know, It doesn't really matter.

But I'm most psyched about Adam Warren writing Iron Man. It's no secret I consider Warren the premier science fiction auteur of my generation. Which is an odd description since "auteur" typically refers to filmmakers, but you get the idea. I consider Marvel as of late to be generally Bat-shit crazy insane, but if part of that allows a creator like Warren to get his hooks into a character that so rightly deserves him, have at it. This Civil War nonsense can delay however long it needs and sell however many it must (300K+ ?? Really??) if that revenue stream gets books like Warren's Livewires and Iron Man: Hypervelocity on the shelves.

Gen13... dear lord. For a book to be so clearly in its death throws by the fourth issue is really, really sad. Shame on you WildStorm, shame on you.

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