Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Comics Day

There were supposed to be more books, but some snowstorm delayed a shipment. Next week might be a hefty stack, and we've still got to wait an extra day 'cause of the holidays.


Usually I avoid Supergirl like the plague, due to its horrible art direction since the character's re-introduction. Art is so subjective, but there is art that I find atrocious, and it's often on Supergirl. Such a shame. So the issue I got isn't even this week's issue, it's from a month or so ago, because I only just found out that Amanda Conner did a fill in. And oh how I love Amanda Conner, seemingly the antithesis of the usual dreck that passes for whatever editors delude themselves belongs on Supergirl. The story supposedly leads into Conner's upcoming Terra miniseries, something I'm of course looking forward to.

I gave up on Hawkgirl because it just wasn't doing anything for me to latch on to the character. The pre-One Year Later storylines with Hawkman and plots tailspinning from Rann-Thanagar War were much more appealing. Then Chaykin wasn't drawing the book anymore, and well, that's how momentum is lost. But I had to pick up this latest ish because Blackfire from the aformentioned War shows up again. And the new artist, Renato Arlem, had something I couldn't resist. The scruffy, scanned-from-pencils style and xerox collage backgrounds are a worthy replacement for Chaykin, and the Arlem appears to have a wonderful knack for body language.

Nextwave has by far the best cover on the shelves this week, with its Civil War-derived trade dress proclaiming "Not Part of a Marvel Comics Event" and characters protesting with cardboard signs, "We don't care." This book has been nothing but good from the start and its one of my favorites this year.

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