Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Comics Day

Woe is me.

Green Lantern Corps
JLA Classified
Justice League of America
The Escapists

Gen13... Gen13... Gen13... Oh dear lord. I want this book to be successful, but in its current incarnation it cannot. If you're on your third issue and need a fill-in artist for an artist that I would not consider high-tier to begin with, trouble's a brewin'. Coupled with a story that betrays most of what Gen13 should be and the future looks bleak. And how is it that I know what Gen13 should be? Trust me, I know.

I think it's the weekly format of 52 that keeps me interested. Because even if one week's focus doesn't thrill me, there's always next week. And with the numerous storylines running through 52, most of them are pretty good. Every once in a while you even get a peppering of hard sci-fi. Whatever "52" itself is supposed to be doesn't really matter at this point, I think the draw is getting your fix of what several different characters are up to. Knowing that all you need is the basic info saves us from several plots that certainly don't need their own book to draw out.

Sad to see the last issue of the Escapists, I hope they do more.

I also wanted to note the passing of Martin Nodell this past week. While my attachment has always been to the Silver Age Green Lantern, one could say there wouldn't be such a thing without the Golden Age version that Nodell created. A man in his 80's, I remember seeing him at cons year after year, still drawing. While I've always loved the character of Alan Scott, I have mixed feelings about the Golden Age characters hanging around in current continuity. Since DC seems insistent on keeping them around, I hope they are thankful for Nodell's contribution.

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