Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Comics Day

Spider-Man/Power Pack
New Universal
Strangers in Paradise
Modern Masters: Mike Weringo

I'll give New Universal a go, what the hell. But the treat this week is of course Modern Masters: Mike Weringo. I've been a follwer of Weringo's from day one, his art is the kind I love to see. I think he got a total raw deal when he most recently took over Spider-Man, it ran smack into "The Other" crossover and then into Civil War. That book never delivered what I hoped (and assumed) was intended, but the Mighty Marvel Marketing Machine took care of that.

Prior to that, Weringo was seen on Fantastic Four written by Mark Waid. What should have been a match made in heaven turned sour for me when Waid found the highest horse he could find and climbed on up. Thankfully there is always the fantasy adventure Tellos, which I still think is most of Weringo's best work. I was bummed when that ended (some years ago now), but even it got a little wonky at the end and lost focus. But the art was always tops. The latest Modern Masters is a great collection of Weringo's work with a lengthy interview. Lots of his mainstream stuff and plenty of behind-the-scenes Tellos art!

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