Monday, November 06, 2006

FFXII: First Impressions

I am afraid this is going to turn into FF week at the ol' Edco Blog. Final Fantasy XXII is such a cut above the rest that it's difficult to describe. It is an unbelievably beautiful game, and that is amazing to me considering the visual bar set by each previous FF game. Outside of the general presentation and production values, it is one hell of a game to play. RPG's aren't for everyone, I know, but it is really hard for me to think of someone who wouldn't get caught up in this game. I'm only 10 hours in and it has entranced me completely.

While I am biased because I am a die-hard Squaresoft enthusiast, especially when it comes to FF, I have the impression that FFXII may capture that crossover audience more than ever before. This is no small statement considering FF games typically sell in the millions. Much publicized leading up to its release, FFXII's combat system is a radical departure from previous versions. Or is it??? I'll do my best to expand on my observations in the coming posts. If not in technical detail (the mechanics are wickedly deep and complex) then at lest in how it is affecting my experience with the game.

The release and subsequent time-sucking couch time of new FF games is an old Edco tradition. In fact, it is the very origin of "Edco," the moniker to which I brand all of my videogame lead characters! Which, um, is a little anti-informative at current, since FF games don't let you do that anymore :-( But Vaan is an Edco at heart :-)

I'm certainly looking forward to getting out of FFXII everything Square has put in!

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