Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Comics Day

What a great week of books!

JLA Classified
Green Lantern Corps
Gen 13 (?!)
The Escapists (!)
Rocketo (!!)
Dork (!!!)

A new issue of Dork??!! Evan Dorkin, purveyor of all things Milk, Cheese, and Dork must just need to release a bunch of junk from his head every few years. Fine by me, because Dork is some funny shit.

Also it feels like a decade's worth of whiplash with an all new Gen13 on the shelves. I am wary, very wary, tho I'll give it another read and a few more issues to make judgement. What my readers may or may not know is that for reasons I've never understood, I care more for the direction of Gen13 than most people ever should. Hell, that book was my freakin' job in a time that seems so far gone. Gail Simone on words, best of luck to you. Talent Caldwell on art, really not my cup of tea, but go for it.

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