Friday, October 06, 2006

DC Direct: Power Girl

Yessir, I did purchase me an Infinite Crisis Power Girl figure, new this week from DC Direct. Pity none of the other figures in the series were anything special. Though I will say I had no idea Mongul was such a huge hunk of plastic. I mean he's like 4 times the size of everyone else!

Power Girl by far is the nicest, um, sculpted, of the set, but still I felt needed some work. The sculpt is quite fine, but mass production dulls it down. To the hobby box!

The first thing to do was to call out the costume seams. I used a grey instead of a black, but it was still a little strong so I gave it a diluted wash of acrylic white. I also called out the details in the boots with straight black. Next I gave the skin a light wash of pumkin ink to enhance the bust and call out the leg muscles a bit more. 'Pumkin' being the shade of ink, not some mutant, squid-like excretion from an actual pumkin.

The last step was the hair. The factory line delivered a bland mustard with a black wash, which didn't look so hot. Power Girl is a power blonde, so I gave it a new coat of Orc Yellow (Warhammer) and finished up with a brown wash. I went in and called out highlights with some canary and white with pleasing results. Click for bigger pics, which could be better, my bootleg digital camera just doesn't have the macro moxy (the awesome shots of Green Lantern were taken with my sister's Digital Rebel). But trust me when I say the extra lovin' sure turned this figure around!

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