Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Making Comics Day!!!!!

Exclamations warranted for a very welcome arrival!

JLA Classified
Green Lantern
Black Cat/Wolverine
The Escapists
Making Comics

Although I am very pleased by this week's selection of books, they are all eclipsed by Scott McCloud's Making Comics. Following the much lauded (and deserved) Understanding Comics and the weighty Re-Inventing Comics, this latest tome of comics deconstruction may be the best of the bunch. At least that is my first impression, being someone who actually makes comics. I was reading the damn thing in line at the comic book store-- it had so quickly engrossed me-- fascinated by the description of using a certain type of high detail, full bleed panel for the ever important "establishing shot," something I had literally drawn for a comics page just the other day.

I'm a great admirer of McCloud's methods of dissecting and disseminating comics structure, though I am aware of his detractors who place his focus in the realm of pretentious and over-analyzed. I've never gotten that attitude from his books, I've always felt they were like talking to a friend who really likes something you really like, too. Even if you don't make comics, say you just "kinda like" comics, Making Comics gets the Official Edco Seal of Approval and my highest recommendation.

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