Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Comics Day

New Comics Day makes everything better.


I'm diggin' Morrison's Batman. I just gotta wonder how "true" it is... the notion that Batman actually has a son by Talia Al Gul has far reaching implications.

I also noticed that Zombies have become the new Zombies. Three zombie books shipped this week: IDW's "Zombies," and Marvel's "Zombie" plus "Essential Tales of the Zombie Vol. 1." The Essential volume was really nice, it is a likely future purchase, tho I am a little wary as the much noted edits on Marvel's Essential Dracula may also be applied here (I guess they weren't that essential after all). The recent proliferation of Zombie books is not without concern. Not only will it lead to an eventual flood and zombie backlash, but it may dull the public consciousness to the very real threat of the inevitable zombie outbreak.

When hell can hold no more, the damned will overflow and walk the earth. A scourge of undead with insatiable brainlust will stalk relentlessly without prejudice. That day is nigh, you have been warned.

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