Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Comics Day

What a nice, big hunk of books this week!

JLA Classified
Justice League of America
All Star Superman (!)
She Hulk
Rocketo (!)
Savage Red Sonja
Alcatraz High

A trio of Justice League books to ponder. Justice League of America, I'll give it a whirl, but man I'm sure glad I didn't have to buy a Michael Turner cover.

JLA Classified is a little strange because it seems to be leftovers. Stories had in stock for the JLA title before all the Crisis nonsense and the re-boot. It's quite apparent this latest ish, with the roster pegging a certain timeline, as well as Green Lantern's (Kyle Rayner) costume pegging a rather specific timeline. But the art by Kilian Plunkett is yummy so I'm gonna pick up this latest arc. There was some riff-raff and shuffling stories-- supposedly Amazo is the culprit in one book too many-- and the current cover is not which was solicited. So I'm thinking there's some editorial hullabaloo going on. JLA Classified can easily be a book to skip on any given creative team, when in fact much more care should be given so that is not the case.

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