Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Beautiful Red Shiny Button

In the days before Adult Swim there was a show called The Ren and Stimpy Show. Space Madness is still one of my all time favorite cartoons. Alas, the fine folks at Nickelodeon and Broadcast Standards and Practices did their best to take the kick out of the show and it eventually went its merry way.

After a brief revival on Spike, the good fellows at Spumco finally hunkered down on the malcontent chihuahua and cat with no tethers to be seen. Recently released on DVD is Ren and Stimpy: The Lost Episodes!

Chock full of nuttiness and naughty bits, creator John Krickfalusi spills out the uncensored toons he always wanted to make. This shit is crazy. And honestly they may lack the charm of the episodes you remember best, as without fences the stories replace the implied with the blatant. Now John K. is a serious animator-- way too serious for me, even. But damn if the guy won't tell it like it is and draw whatever the hell he wants. Check out John K's blog, All Kinds of Stuff for all of the Spumco dirt and some crazy schooling on the art of animation. He's a prolific poster-- from random art exercises to lectures on classic animators like Clampet, McKimpson, Freeling, and many more. The guy knows his stuff!

COMMENT CHALLENGE! What is your favorite Ren and Stimpy episode or quote?

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