Monday, August 14, 2006


When it comes to tracking down art I call on my inner bloodhound. My latest prey, the works of Pierre Alary, are now mine thanks to the wonderful Stuart Ng, a book dealer specializing in foreign artists. I made the trip down to Torrance to check out his newly opened shop, which was previously run from his home-- the aptly named Stuart Ng Books.

Ah, yes, this was my haven. So much to see of artists I love so much. Alot of French stuff, some of the best in the world. And now, the volumes of Belladone, Alary's work that instantly caught my eye, are mine. The best catch was the "Collection 2B" edition of Belladone vol 1, an oversized hardcover of both the pencils and inks from the book. The color work in the regular volumes is gorgeous, but seeing the raw material is something else. Alary's pencils are loose and fluid and his inks are to die for-- crisp and delicate brushlines that seem to defy being created from the human hand. And yet only a human hand could master such an instrument of art, where mere strokes and swashes arrange themselves into the beauty of form and environment.

I picked up more than a fair share of work besides Alary and look forward to spending the week with them all. Now if only I could read French...

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