Friday, July 07, 2006

New Comics Delay

Overcoming near-insurmountable odds, I'm rewarded with a boon of fantastic comics offerings!

Kid Colt and the Arizona Girl
Battler Britton
Manifest Eternity*
Y the Last Man
Flight Vol 3

I've noted before about my love and fascination with previous volumes of Flight. The latest one on first glance appears to offer the same glorious content of artistic vision and inspiration. I urge all of my readers to pick it up, Flight 3 gets the official Edco Seal of Approval.

WWII era war comics may not be on everyone's watch list, but I'm equally enthused about this new Battler Britton/Air Ace offering from Garth Ennis and Colin Wilson. Ennis will deliver a solid brass balls story, Wilson's pages are a glorious sight to take in, and the icing on this cake is Jeromy Cox on color duty. Pick it up!

*Also check out my interview with Manifest Eternity's Dustin Nguyen below!

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