Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Comics Day

Comics, comics, comics. Ugh.

Green Lantern Corps
American Virgin
The Eternals
The Escapists
Shaolin Cowboy

52 is nice and all, the art is decent and there's alot of story going on. But I think it's wearing thin for me. The Morrison influence from the early issues is fading off and the major plot points I can't see being sustained for much longer. Of course the idea is for them to be replaced by other major plot points, although I'm having trouble thinking of any that can hold my interest. Batwoman, maybe, though with her own series in the works how much can 52 really offer?

The main problem with 52-- and this isn't my idea, I read it elsewhere and agree-- is that it stems from Infinite Crisis to "fill in the blanks." What DC is saying is that Infinite Crisis was so grand in scope that it will take an additional 52 comics over the course of a year to explain what happened. That is bullshit. Marketing friendly, but bullshit. All it really says to me is that whatever Infinite Crisis tried to accomplish, it failed.

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